4 Challenges Offered By Office Architecture In Modern Era: 3D CAD Drawing Services

3D CAD Drawing Services
4 Challenges Offered By Office Architecture In Modern Era 3D CAD Drawing Services

The modern-day office architecture presents several challenges for The AEC Associates 3D CAD Drawing Services as the concept of office design has undergone a metamorphosis over the past two decades. Yet it’s the most interesting job for 3D CAD drawing services as every organization has a different work ethos and style of functioning, and a different set of requirements. Conceptualizing and developing an office design is full of challenges, some of these are discussed below.

  • Employee friendly environment

One of the great challenges for 3D CAD drawing services is to ensure that workers get an employee-friendly environment. HUMAN RESOURCE is the most valuable asset which organizations run on, only an efficient workforce guarantees higher productivity for them. A healthy work environment helps reduce attrition rate as employees feel happy and content; built environment is thus vital for boosting productivity and also in employee morale. The starting point for office architecture is, therefore, providing such a work environment.

  • Reflecting organization’s work ethos

To make an office building unique, it’s imperative that the structure and its ambience should reflect the ethos and work culture of the organization; this makes the task of the designers so challenging. The designers must clearly understand the philosophy and the work culture of an organization to avoid producing another prototype. Producing a unique building reflecting the philosophy and work culture of the organization should be the aim of an architect.

  • Health and comfort

An employee spends more than half his awake hours in the work place, it’s imperative to keep him healthy and comfortable. The designer must make sure that the work environment incorporates hygiene, easy maintainability, comfort, and facilities like common spaces and relaxation areas etc. Lighting is one aspect that cannot be overlooked. The lighting should be optimum to maintain productivity and good health of the employees.

  • The fast changing concept of office architecture

The concept of office architecture has changed rapidly with fast communication systems turning the world into a global village and internet revolution making available a sea of information. The companies have to compete at global levels now, the office buildings and the facilities must also be of world level. The computer revolution has completely changed the face of the office architecture; Small work stations have now replaced large office spaces everywhere. Facilities like air-conditioning have altered the needs and requirements of the employees; It’s essential for 3D CAD drawing services to provide some common areas and also open spaces where employees can get the natural air and sunlight for some time at least.

The philosophy of office architecture has changed with technology, it’s important for The designers to keep broadening their outlook and increasing their technical prowess. This will help them effectively overcome all the challenges thrown by the modern-day office architecture.








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