5 Advantages Of Hiring Revit Modeling Services For Residential Projects

5 Advantages Of Hiring Revit Modeling Services For Residential Projects

Most people tend to think that one should hire The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services only for large, complex projects, such as- high-rise buildings, college campuses, multi-specialty hospitals, government facilities and large schools and commercial complexes etc. What these people fail to realize is that Revit modeling services can be just as efficient, just as effective working for residential projects or small commercial jobs as well. Following are some reasons why BIM can be equally advantageous for home builders and house owners too.

  • Easy to learn programs

Revit modeling services enjoy a great advantage in the sense that BIM software Revit are easy to start with and have an easier learning curve than most CAD 2D and 3D programs. BIM offers endless features, one finds it very interesting to know about all the tools and features included in the software.

  • Faster and more efficient

Even though residential projects are much smaller in size, the details are sometimes more intricate and drawings require frequent changes and alterations. The draftsmen find it much easier to work on software like Revit as one can associate various elements here. When you change an element, associated elements are altered automatically, saving time and effort. Suppose you want to change the size of all windows, Revit will help you perform the task in minutes without making any errors or omissions. These changes will be incorporated in all the drawings-plans, elevations and sections etc.

  • Extracting details instantly

BIM models are very comprehensive, giving a holistic view of the project. You can extract just about any detail you want instantly. Whether you want the elevation details of the kitchen, or dimensions of a cupboard or toilet fixtures; you can extract everything in seconds. Making alterations and getting the new details is just as easy using software like Revit.

BIM offers a system that is faster, more efficient and less error-prone than any existing building system. We shall discuss some more advantages of  hiring Revit modeling services for residential projects in our next post.








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