Role Of Revit Modeling Services In Producing Energy Efficient Buildings (Continued..3)

Role Of Revit Modeling Services In Producing Energy Efficient Buildings (Continued..3)

The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services shoulder the massive responsibility of producing more and more green buildings in an era where tackling the negative impact of climate changes has become the main focus of the designers around the world. Experts have shown that buildings are responsible for consuming more than half of total energy produced and for forty percent of greenhouse gas emissions; Revit modeling services can ensure a cleaner environment by designing buildings that consume less water and energy. BIM is a new-age process that helps AEC industry professionals improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings by doing energy performance analysis for individual buildings. The discussion is continued here.

Empowering the design professionals

Design professionals need to have a comprehensive overview of a building project in order to reduce water and energy consumption, and make the built environment more user friendly. Revit modeling services perform ‘what-if’ scenarios using simple energy models to determine the optimum energy and water requirements of the building. BIM has the potential to empower the AEC professionals to produce functionally superior, efficient buildings.

Need of energy analysis

Studies have shown that one could save nearly twenty-five percent on energy use in new buildings merely by performing whole building energy analysis using a BIM model. Since most existing buildings don’t use any system for energy efficiency, the potential for energy savings is even greater for retrofit or renovation projects. The designers can use these whole building energy analyses to calculate maximum possible reductions in energy consumption, and also suggest changes in the behavioral patterns of the tenants.

Protecting the environment and reducing the negative impacts of climate change are top priorities of the world community today; Revit modeling services can do their bit by designing energy efficient, sustainable buildings. Reducing the carbon imprint of the buildings can go a long way in making our planet healthier and more livable.