2 Major Benefits Of Using PDF To CAD Conversion

2 Major Benefits Of Using PDF To CAD Conversion

The AEC Associates PDF to CAD Conversion has become an integral part of the building industry in recent years with CAD software replacing the manual design and drafting process. CAD software offer a faster, more accurate and far more efficient system; gradually the process of PDF to CAD conversion was introduced and became indispensable for the industry professionals due to its need and suitability.

Major benefits of employing Architectural CAD conversion:

Let us first look at the two file formats used in PDF to CAD conversion before discussing some major benefits of using the process.

CAD (DWG or DXF)  file format- Most CAD software use DWG or DXF files to store two and three dimensional design data in an efficient manner. This design data can be quite large and heavy but it offers multiple benefits to the design professionals as these software provide many powerful tools and countless intelligent features.

PDF- PDF or portable document format file format- PDF is a versatile file format that can hold any combination of 2D vector image graphics, text and raster images, and can store and transmit back the data without distorting it. These files can be viewed on practically every computer and all the web browsers. Following are the benefits of employing CAD conversion.