5 Golden Principles Of Office Design For Architectural Drafting And Design Professionals (Continued)


Architectural Drafting and Design professionals need to adopt a fresh perspective while designing office interiors for their new-age clients as the concept of office design has changed completely over the last decade or so. An office interior created by Architectural drafting and design team should not only promote productivity and efficiency; it should also provide a healthy, cheerful and conducive environment for the employees of the organization. We discussed some golden principles of office design in our previous post, the discussion is continued here.

  • Provide multipurpose work spaces

The rapidly changing office environment presents the greatest challenge for Architectural drafting and design professionals today. You don’t see tables and chairs of a few years ago, and even the cubicles are disappearing fast from the office interiors now. In many offices you don’t even have a permanently assigned seating arrangement for the employees, people need multipurpose work spaces that could be used as and when required by them. You want a work area that could be used as a work station, a multimedia presentation space or an informal discussion area. Versatility is the name of the game now.

  • Use the power of colors

You can change the mood of a space instantly by using a different color, a different shade. Try to create lively, pleasing and cozy office interiors by employing innovative color schemes to increase the happiness quotient of the employees, thus improving their level of satisfaction and consequently their productivity.

  • Provide common areas for interaction among employees

Architectural drafting and design professionals must understand that an employee spends nearly half of their life at their work places, virtually a second home for them. They can give their best only when they feel comfortable and happy in their office. Providing common spaces gives them an opportunity to interact with each other and share their ideas and feelings; this enables them to work as a team, as an extended family. This helps them lighten their tension and work in a more relaxed environment.







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