6 Top Reasons PDF Is One Of The File Formats For PDF To CAD Conversion


Two file formats involved in The AEC Associates PDF to CAD Conversion are CAD (DWG or DXF) and PDF; the process has assumed a great significance for the building industry in recent years. Nearly all the top CAD programs use DWG (or DXF) files for storing large and complex 2D and 3D design data in an efficient manner. Despite being a versatile and complete file format for design and drafting purposes, DWG files can become very large and heavy at times and need to be converted into PDF files to reduce their size and also protect the professional and financial interests of architects. PDF to CAD conversion process is later necessary to reconvert the drawings into DWG format for easy viewing and editing.

Qualities of PDF file format

PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format developed by Adobe systems. They may contain one or more pages which look exactly like they would appear in print. A PDF page may contain any combination of 2D vector graphics, text or raster images.

Main reasons for using PDF for PDF to CAD conversion:

  1. Easy accessibility: Acrobat reader used to view PDF files is pre-installed in virtually every computer worldwide and you can view them in almost every web browser too, thus viewing these files is pretty easy
  2. Top quality text arrangement: A PDF file allows for very fine positional accuracy of text, ensuring good quality. They contain words and sentences as a set of individual characters; Each character holding specific style and positional information.
  3. Retain colors as original: These files retain and have the ability to transmit back the colors used in the original drawings very accurately; an essential quality for PDF to CAD conversion process.
  4. Part conversion possible: Often you don’t need to convert the entire document, but only some specific pages. You can select the desired pages and reconvert them.
  5. Quality of lines retained: After the conversion, CAD files don’t lose out on thickness, location and shapes of lines.
  6. Inserting comments possible: PDF files can be marked-up with comments without affecting the original data or scheme. Revisions and modifications become very easy as a result.






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