BIM Outsourcing Services For Project Management


The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services ensure through an efficient process that non-value added effort or outright wastage is minimized to make building projects meet their timeline and client’s expectations. The inefficient working of previous building models often resulted in delays and dissatisfaction among the clients; the quality of the project of course suffered too. Construction industry is facing new challenges like increased project complexity, clients demanding more to be done for less, and a need for professionals to work remotely and yet be connected; there is certainly a necessity to look for new ways and processes to become more efficient and productive. BIM outsourcing services promise much in such a scenario.

BIM for project management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new process that can take the building industry to a new level altogether. Yet using it just as a 3D CAD software is not going to help the industry professionals much; you need a lot of planning and a different approach to project design and management. Ensuring coordination among all the stakeholders by developing new processes is required to make the entire workflow more efficient and result oriented. A project manager needs to look at various aspects like forming project teams, establishing design platforms, and different deliverables to ensure that the project is efficient and profitable.

3 things to be ensured by project manager

BIM outsourcing services make use of many existing guidelines to run a project smoothly. It’s important to identify the project goals first, followed by developing a BIM execution plan to finalize roles, responsibilities and deliverables is key to the success of the project. A project manager must consider a few important aspects before undertaking a building project :

  • Various workflows
  • Roles assigned to different team members
  • Deliverables

BIM outsourcing services can make a project efficient and profitable by ensuring that the project manager takes into account the above mentioned aspects. We shall discuss these aspects in detail in our next post to see how a building project is carried out successfully using BIM.


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