3 Crucial Stages of Design Process For Architectural Design Drafting

3 Crucial Stages of Design Process For Architectural Design Drafting

The AEC Associates Architectural Design Drafting goes through several stages of the design process to come up with a final draft of the proposed structure. It’s important for Architectural design drafting to ensure that each stage goes through efficiently and smoothly so that the final design is up to the mark and satisfies the client’s aspirations. These stages of design process are classified and discussed below.

  • Formulation of requirements:

Formulating the client’s requirements by having elaborate discussions with them is vital for Architectural design drafting. It sets the tone for the whole process. You just cannot proceed with design conceptualization without finalizing the requirements of the project. This is certainly not an easy task as often the clients themselves are not clear about their requirements. The design team has to guide them through the process in some cases.

  • Conceptualization and development stage:

Once the requirements are finalized, the design team begins the conceptualizing the design and initial feedback is taken from the client. After the initial nod, the design is developed by the team. There are regular discussions with the client to ensure that the process is moving in the right direction and to the satisfaction of the client.

  • Preparation of final working and presentation drawings:

Once the design is broadly approved by the client, the final presentation drawings, including the 3D views, are prepared to give a final picture of the structure to come. This is also the last chance for Architectural design drafting to take the client’s approval and judge the efficiency and aesthetics of the proposed structure. The working drawings are then prepared to initiate the construction stage.

Completing each of the above stages efficiently and with minimum of errors is vital for Architectural design drafting to ensure that there are no problems during the construction stage of the process.