Advantages Of 3D CAD Modeling For 3D CAD Drawing Services

3D CAD Modeling For 3D CAD Drawing Services

The AEC Associates 3D CAD Drawing Services bring a fresh outlook to the building industry, using a process that is faster, more efficient and less error-prone. The success and quality of any project depends largely upon the quality and efficiency of 3D CAD drawing services; they have a massive responsibility of satisfying the clients and producing something extraordinary every time to shoulder.

From 2D to 3D:

Working in 2 dimensions was never easy for the architects, or for that matter for draftsmen either. 2D design and drafting process was slow, tedious and far too error-prone. It left a lot to the imagination of users since a very few details could be incorporated in the 2D projections; in fact, designers were themselves often were not sure about the quality of the final product. There were instances when clients could actually get the final picture only when the structure was nearly half completed and it was far too late to make any real changes. There are other advantages of employing 3D CAD drawing services too, let us discuss them in brief.

  • Less error-prone:

There was a lot of margin for errors in the 2D process; the designer had to hold a lot of information mentally and problems like incorrect detailing, component collision or inaccurate quantity calculation were quite common. 3D modeling, however, leaves nothing to imagination, showing each and every detail through various projections; thus minimizing errors.

  • Easy interface:

Besides minimizing errors, another advantage of 3D modeling is that it makes interface with clients and consultants much easier. One can get a complete overview of the design just by looking at the model that leaves little scope for confusion. Visualizing the detailing and interior arrangements also becomes much more convenient with the use of 3D CAD modeling.

  • Freedom and flexibility:

Working in 3D gives the designers a lot of freedom and flexibility to experiment with design concepts and elements. Clash detection has become much easier with the process. Working on multi-layer designs is far more convenient as different layers can be super-imposed to see if there is any clash of elements. This helps designers to produce error-free designs and drawings.

Working in 3D doesn’t mean working necessarily with solid 3D models or parametric. It simply means that 3D CAD drawing services work in three dimensions instead of two dimensions. A 3D model can be a wireframe model, a surface model or a solid model as need may be.