4 Essential Ingredients Of Architectural Construction Documentation

Architectural Construction Documentation The AEC Associates

The AEC Associates Architectural Construction Documentation holds a great importance for the construction industry since it plays a critical role in the execution of a building project. Producing a quality building without having a comprehensive construction documentation (CD) set, including Architectural documents, is virtually impossible. Contractors will always be at their wit’s end if they are working without Architectural construction documentation to guide them through the entire construction process.

Taking care of the nuances:

Looking at the importance of the CD set for the project, one must understand that taking care of nuances is what makes all the difference. Each and every aspect of the design and drafting process must be looked into with utmost care to enable the drafting team in producing flawless drawings and other documents, helping the construction team execute the building project in a perfect manner.

Ingredients of construction documentation:

It’s difficult to produce a comprehensive CD set without giving due importance to the ingredients necessary for the Construction Documentation, including Architectural documents. This is essential to ensure precision and meticulous execution of the project. One may adopt the following process:

  • A well-defined schedule- Preparing and sticking to a well-defined schedule is always necessary in order to follow and respect a timeline.
  • Constant reviews at various stages: Designing is an on –going process, changes in the original scheme are common from time to time. It’s essential to make regular reviews, especially at the end of each stage of Architectural construction documentation to detect and remove any errors.
  • Quality check on the final PDFs: Checking the quality of the drawings and documentation once all the PDF documents are ready is imperative before handing them over. This ensures that you provide a perfect CD set to the construction team.
  • Reference sets in CAD: Providing the reference sets in CAD format are necessary to avoid any confusions or misinterpretations.

Importance of quality check:

It’s mighty to make a quality check on Architectural construction documentation before handing over the final CD set to ensure that the final building comes up just as the design was conceptualized. This may be done by including the following parameters: