2 Ways Of Ensuring Accountability Of ARCHITECTURAL CAD Drafting

Architectural CAD drafting The AEC Associates

Hiring The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting services has become a trend for most Architectural firms in the recent years. Drafting provides a firm foundation for the entire design and construction process as no task can be performed without having the clarity of scaled drawings; Architectural CAD drafting thus plays an important role in making the process successful. A lot is at stake when you outsource a job as important as drafting; your reputation depends upon the quality of work and timely completion of the project. If your vendor falters, you lose much more than just a project.

Ensuring accountability of outsourcing vendors:

To protect your own reputation and do justice to your client’s expectations, you have to make sure Architectural CAD drafting vendor honor their commitments and are accountable for their performance. First of all, if you hire a reputed vendor, they have a reputation of their own to protect. If they fail you, they get a bad name that could mean end of the road for them.

Proper follow-up:

You must ensure that the project timeline is not violated and everyone is saved the blushes in the end. The best way to do so is to follow-up from time to time and stick to a stage wise schedule as it will always keep the project schedule in perspective. Reputed third party vendors usually make and stick to such schedules themselves, after all, their own reputation and survival are at stake.

Legal ways:

In addition to making and sticking to stage wise schedules, It is essential to make a legal agreement while finally awarding a contract to Architectural CAD drafting vendors. You can include clauses for rewards for good quality work delivered on time and a penalty clause for not honoring the prior commitments.

It is important that a thorough process is followed before finalizing an architectural CAD drafting vendor for outsourcing the drafting work. Go through the portfolios of a number of reputed vendors and compare their quality, past records and rates before finalizing your outsourcing vendor, and there would be no disappointments later and your reputation would remain untarnished.

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