Architectural Construction Documentation For Skyscrapers

Architectural construction documentation for skyscrapers

The AEC Associates Architectural Construction Documentation assumes a great significance in the context of modern-day high-rise structures that have very complex designs and execution methodology. Each stage of a skyscraper (having multiple floors) construction has its own complexities; even the slightest of errors in Architectural construction documentation could ruin the entire project. A skyscraper or a high-rise structure is one, which is tall enough to require the system of a mechanical vertical transportation; elevators are the most favored.

The initial phase:

Urbanization became a regular feature during the late nineteenth century causing a sharp escalation in land prices. As land became scarce, designers started designing structures that rose vertically rather than spread horizontally. Gradually the skyscrapers became the norm and the concept of urbanization spread like wild fire.

Complex structure:

Skyscrapers are giant structures; they need complex steel structural frames to resist the enormous shear forces, and massive concrete foundations (usually piers, piles or caissons) to support the gravitational forces. The presence of complex elements like columns and beams, load bearing shear walls, non-load bearing curtain walls, joining members like mullions and muntins etc, along with the different services make the task of Architectural construction documentation a challenging one.

The miracle of technology:

Technology has really helped as far as the design and construction of skyscrapers is concerned. Designing the multi-layer buildings efficiently without any conflicting elements has become very easy with the aid of the modern-day sophisticated CAD software. Without the availability of these software, designing a complex bundle-tube system wouldn’t have been possible at all. A skyscraper has countless design elements; it’s not uncommon to find only at the last stage of designing or during the construction stage that certain elements did not fit, or were in conflict with each other. It’s easy to notice such conflicting elements now during the design process itself as 3D models offer lifelike views present the structure in detail.

Great skyscrapers were designed and built even in very early stages, but the technological advancements have made it possible to produce very accurate and precise Architectural construction documentation in the modern era, making the whole process very efficient and error-free.

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