Architectural Construction Documentation: Is Auditing Really A Dirty Word?

Architectural construction documentation

Auditing is mostly considered a dirty word when it comes to The AEC Associates Architectural Construction Documentation and other disciplines in the construction industry . However, contrary to what many people usually think, the purpose of auditing is not to find scapegoats by singling out some person or persons for the failure of a project or the deficiencies of the process, but to improve the quality of Architectural construction documentation.

The purpose of auditing:

Auditing is certainly not another name for witch hunt as many professionals believe. It’s not meant to look for errors or faults of an individual or a system. Auditing is not another name for policing, it’s more about looking for the source of the quality produced by the team.

The methodology used:

The main objective of auditing is to determine the source of quality produced by a team in particular or an organization as a whole. The process is usually started by perusing the quality reports and examining Architectural construction documentation projects handled by the organization over a period of time. An expected level of quality, also called consistent quality level (CQL) is thus defined. The objective of determining this source of quality consistency is to maintain and improve the efficiency of the system and detect the shortcomings. The job of an auditor is not to either appreciate or criticize any individual or an organization. The main purpose of the whole process of auditing is thus to maintain the practices that help the team deliver the goods and improve upon the ones that are not up to the mark.

There is nothing personal against any individual or group as far as auditing is concerned, the entire focus is to maintain and improve the quality of Architectural construction documentation. Working in an open, transparent environment can certainly help you improve efficiency and save time and improve your processes.

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