Understanding The Process Adopted By Building Information Modeling Services

Process Adopted By Building Information Modeling Services

The usefulness of The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services is undoubted in the present age, yet the complexities of BIM often make people shy away from adopting it. Building Information Modeling Services have a system at their disposal that is far more efficient, comprehensive and error-free than all the existing building systems. Clients, in particular, are mostly unaware of the intricacies and benefits of Building Information Modeling, or BIM as it’s commonly referred to. We are trying to explain the salient features of the process in simple terms here.

  • BIM is a process, not a system. It applies to all aspects and stages of a construction project– right from the design conceptualization, estimating, supply chain, delivery process, resource allocation, the actual construction and facility and asset management after the building is handed over to the owners. It envelops the entire life cycle of a structure up to the demolition stage.
  • BIM, as mentioned above, is a process, its aspects are enabled by various technology platforms. These technology providers support Architectural tools and additional intelligent information used by Building Information Modeling services. These include Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17and Synchro Professional etc.
  • Building Information Modeling services have the luxury of working on several implementation levels while employing the process of BIM. These may be explained as follows:

-Level 0: Developing CAD drawings using lines, arcs, circles, text etc

-Level 1: 2D and 3D using models, objects and file based collaboration

-Level 2: BIM and file based collaboration and library management for models and objects

-Level 3: Lifestyle management, common dictionaries, data and processes underpinned by integrated and interoperable data through web services.

People are gradually recognizing the benefits of hiring Building Information Modeling services; achieving level 2 is now considered the minimum standard to be achieved. In our next post we will discuss some more intricacies of this new-age process.