Architectural Construction Documentation For Hotel Buildings (Continued)

The AEC Associates Architectural Construction Documentation is often the backbone of construction projects, especially when the structure is complex as in case of hotels, hospitals or multiple usage skyscrapers etc. Even the slightest during any stage of construction could spoil the entire project; precise and accurate Architectural construction documentation helps avoid confusions or misinterpretation to ensure that the final structure is exactly as envisaged by the design team. We continue discussing the salient features of hotel design and how construction documentation is helpful.

Architectural Construction Documentation

Importance of services:

Hospitality business is all about satisfying the customers offering them maximum comfort and convenience; naturally, service is the key to the hotel reputation and clientele. It’s the responsibility of the project team to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. Error-free Architectural construction documentation goes a long way in taking the construction process to the end without any hiccups. Other essential services including the engineering and specialty services for the hotel are also very important and should be taken care of.

Important areas: 

The important areas in the hotel can be divided into various parts –

-In guest areas: Areas catering to the in-house guests staying at the hotel –rooms, private lounges etc.
-Out-guest areas: Areas catering to the walk-in customers.. Business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.
-Congregation areas: Required for special occasions.. Banquets and conference rooms etc


The design team also needs to coordinate between various utilities to ensure that the end-result is up to expectations. Some of the utilities involved in a hotel building are:

-Engineering utilities: Electrical, HVAC, Sanitation, Security, fire fighting etc.
-Hospitality utilities: Housekeeping, Kitchen, Laundry etc.

Functional areas:

A hotel building has several functional areas. It’s imperative to maintain a perfect juxtaposition among these areas so as to avoid any conflict. Some of the main areas in a hotel may be classified as:

-Non-guest areas: All back office operations
-Staff areas: Training areas, Change rooms, staff dining, grooming rooms etc.
-Infrastructure areas: Kitchen, various stores like housekeeping, kitchen and engineering; Parking, maintenance etc.

A hotel project passes through several complex stages; precise and accurate Architectural construction documentation ensures a smooth passage through all the stages and helps save a lot of time and money. Once you get the right structure, half the battle is won.


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