Making Buildings Green With Architectural BIM Modeling Services

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services offer a more comprehensive and complete building process that is more efficient and error-free than all the existing building systems. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is, in principle, a shared information resource that enables all the stakeholders to add relevant inputs to the information pool and access it as and when required. BIM Modeling services promise to bring a refreshing change to the construction industry once the concept of BIM is used extensively as it has several advantages over other building systems and is more client friendly.

Architectural BIM Modeling Services

A comprehensive model:

As we know, CAD software enabled designers to work in 3 dimensions (length, breadth and depth); a system that was far more efficient and much faster than 2D design and drafting process. However, Building Information Modeling has taken the design and drafting process to yet another level adding cost and time as two additional dimensions. It enables the designers to add time and experience to the building model through things like day lighting studies or the sequencing of construction etc making the model more complete and free from errors. Construction in the modern era has become highly technical and complex; it is vital to understand these complexities and the ways to make the entire process more efficient.

Making buildings green with BIM:

Optimizing building efficiency is essential as the precious energy resources are fast vanishing. BIM Modeling services can contribute significantly to the cause as the process of BIM can go a long way in making buildings green. Building Information Modeling envelops the entire life cycle of a building, so it is easier to ensure that the structure functions well after commissioning and operate efficiently over time for the owners. This is very important in an era when buildings are getting more and more high-tech and thousands of objects and processes have a bearing on their performance.

High-tech buildings and BIM:

BIM can especially be very effective in making high-tech buildings more energy efficient. The users of these buildings greatly affect their performance through their habits and patterns of use. The new-age concept provides a platform that makes available a comprehensive and interactive assembly of components in a building and creates a new type of energy model. BIM, being a shared information resource, it enables the stakeholders to add relevant information to the common pool; the newly added information about different parts of the building brings the model closer and closer to the real world building. This comprehensive system understands how the occupants filter in and out of the building throughout the day and influence the energy use and needs. It is thus possible to design most efficient array of pump sizes, water heater sizes, sun protection methods etc to maximize energy efficiency to meet the requirements.

Building Information Modeling ensures that the stored information is not lost when the facility is handed over to the next stakeholder. It provides better data that translates to better designs and helps in making buildings green.


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