Significance Of Building Orientation For CAD Design And Drafting Services (contd.)

A building is an integral part of its immediate environment; proper orientation can help it derive the maximum out of its surroundings. The post continues the discussion about the importance of building orientation and how it helps in producing more efficient buildings.

As discussed in the previous post, building orientation plays an important role in helping The AEC Associates CAD Design and Drafting services produce more efficient buildings. A building is a small but integral part of its immediate environment; correct orientation helps it derive the most out of its surroundings. It’s vital for CAD design and drafting services to understand the importance of placing their buildings in the right way for making the buildings efficient and living comfortable for the inhabitants.

How important is orientation?

Proper orientation is of utmost importance; it helps Architectural CAD services produce green buildings by saving precious resources. This becomes even more significant since the energy resources are getting more and scarcer by the day. Proper orientation helps the building facade maximize daylighting that reduces the need for artificial lighting and saves energy resources and electricity bills at the same time. In addition, if the facades and shades are planned according to sun and wind orientation, they enable CAD design and drafting services in reducing heating or cooling requirements of the building.

Modern techniques for plotting sun path:

The passage of the sun had to be plotted with the available sun paths for the specific latitudes when computers were not used for the purpose. Architectural drafting services make use of advanced CAD software now for setting up models in any geographical location and simulating sun path across a building. This enables the architects in determining the ideal orientation for their buildings. Determination of proper orientation for a particular site is vital as is evident from the fact that while the buildings in the northern hemisphere require the light and heat of the sun to be admitted into the buildings most of the times, it’s not so in the southern hemisphere where blocking the sun is required. So, the buildings in the northern hemisphere need to have maximum openings on the south side, while the south side in the buildings in the southern hemisphere should have minimum possible openings.

Fast depleting energy resources make it obligatory for CAD design and drafting services to design green buildings to save these precious resources. Orientation plays a major role here as it’s nothing but the mitigation and protection of sunlight in buildings. This is essential to make living as comfortable as possible for the users.


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