Top 6 Advantages Of Hiring BIM Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling is a relatively new but revolutionary concept that promises to change the face of the building industry. the post enumerates various advantages of BIM over the existing building systems.

Building Information Modeling offers many features that make the building process more efficient and client friendly. The post continues to enumerate the main advantages of this new-age process over the existing building systems.

BIM Modeling Services Advantages
Advantages of Hiring BIM Modeling Services 

Advantages Of Hiring BIM Modeling Services

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services promise to provide a more efficient and error-free system that is equally beneficial for both the building professionals and the building owners alike.

The relatively new concept of Building Information Modeling, commonly known as BIM, is so revolutionary that it has the potential of changing the entire face of AEC industry.

The reason why BIM is much more effective than the existing building systems is that it provides a more complete overview of a construction project.

Let us discuss some of the main advantages of Building Information Modeling that are making it popular and a favorite with the professionals the world over.

  • More versatile than existing systems:

While the age-old manual design and drafting process allowed working in two dimensions and the new-age 3D CAD programs improved the process by enabling the professionals to work in three dimensions- length, breadth and depth, now BIM Modeling services introduce a process that is much versatile than all the existing building systems.

BIM has extended the scope even further and added two more dimensions, namely cost and time, allowing you to work in 5 dimensions instead of the traditional 2 or 3 dimensions. It is possible to obtain bills of materials and cost estimations along with desired views using this system.

This enables you to be aware of the cost factor even while working on the design. Similarly, BIM Modeling services can prepare very accurate time schedules and adhere to them in a more efficient manner.

  • Shared information resource:

BIM is a shared information resource, which means that it enables the building professionals to hand over a virtual information model of the project to the principal contractor and sub-contractors, and subsequently the owners/operators of the building.

This, in a nutshell, means that it provides the same detailed information to every stakeholder. Every professional involved in the building project- architect, structural, civil and building services engineers, and surveyor’s etc- make their inputs regarding discipline specific data to the model and this information can be accessed by all the stakeholders.

Every existing building system faces the problem of loss of information when the project is handed over from one to the next team/ stakeholder; however, BIM Modeling services ensure that there are minimal information losses through this shared pool of information.

This also empowers the building owners/ operators with a more extensive information database, enabling them to take informed decisions at a later stage.

BIM is a very powerful tool for the AEC professionals for producing flawless buildings; it is equally beneficial for the end users.

Building Information Modeling Benefits
Building Information Modeling Benefits

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling Services offer a system that makes the entire building process more efficient and less error-prone. BIM allows you to work in 5 dimensions instead of the traditional way of working in 2 or 3 dimensions and serves as a shared information resource that helps all the stakeholders to make their discipline-specific inputs and use the database for taking informed decisions whenever needed.

BIM Modeling services offer several other advantages to both the professionals and the clients alike. We continue to discuss some of the main benefits offered by Building Information Modeling in this post.

  • All-encompassing:

All the existing systems own the responsibility of a structure only for a limited period, most hand over their responsibilities at the time of handing over the building to the owners; however, the involvement of BIM Modeling services is not just till the project is over, it extends throughout the building life cycle.

The project team supports all the processes from the early conceptualization to the demolition of the building- cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation etc.

  • Top quality:

BIM design tools allow the designers to extract accurate, top-quality 2D orthographic drawings and excellent, lifelike 3D views from a comprehensive model of the structure. The model is based on the single instance of each object and thus the views obtained are always accurate and error-free.

  • Efficient management:

As mentioned earlier, BIM spans the entire life cycle of a structure right from the initial conception to its full occupancy tenure till its demolition. A more efficient management of the facility is made possible by providing a comprehensive pool of information that is available to the building owners/ operators at any given time.

This allows them to run the facility in a more proficient way and take the right decisions based on the right information. In addition, a BIM manager is employed to ensure an efficient management of information systems during the complete building lifespan.

The main responsibility of a BIM manager is to develop and track the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives and to support multi-disciplinary building information models.

  • Energy efficiency:

BIM Modeling services can help the occupants of a large facility track their energy usage and general habits. This allows them to alter their habits to make the buildings more energy efficient by avoiding the wasteful practices.

Building Information Modeling is a powerful tool to the building professionals in producing functionally superior and aesthetically breathtaking buildings. In addition, the process is very client friendly and allows them to make the best use of their buildings.

BIM is a complex system but it promises to revolutionize the building process by empowering the stakeholders and making decision making simple and effective.


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