Facility Management Through BIM Modeling Services

benefits of bim in facility management
benefits of bim in facility management


Building Information Modeling is a process that envelopes the entire lifespan of a structure, thus helping immensely in facility management unlike existing building systems. The post takes a look at how BIM facilitates a better management of the building.

The AEC associates BIM Modeling services offer a building process that provides a more holistic view of the building project.Building Information Modeling is a far more efficient and error-free process that enables the designers to produce flawless buildings. It also enables all the stakeholders to work in cohesion and share discipline specific information that is essential for BIM Modeling Services for the overall development of the structure.

BIM and facility management:

Unlike existing building systems, Building Information Modeling spans the entire lifespan of the structure, not only till the building is commissioned. As all the relevant information is available at any given moment with every stakeholder, a better facility management is possible by using the process. One of the biggest problems with the existing building systems is the loss of information at the time of handing over of the project from one stakeholder to the next.However, BIM is a shared information resource and is thus able to minimize this loss.

Process of facility management through BIM:

BIM,as stated earlier, envelopes the entire lifecycle of the building till its demolition, not just from design conceptualization to handing over of the project to the owner. BIM Modeling services usually appoint a BIM manager to ensure efficient management of the shared information systems during the complete lifespan of the building. This person is primarily responsible for developing and tracking the object-oriented Building Information Modeling against the projected performance objectives. It’s their duty to support the multi-disciplinary building information models that helps BIM service providers in producing efficient and aesthetically superior buildings and owners/ occupants in managing the facility more efficiently.

BIM Modeling services bring a more efficient and error-free system to the AEC professionals through a shared information resource. Unlike existing systems, this process is also very beneficial for the clients who can always take right decisions based on right information available to them all the time, thus ensuring a better and more efficient facility management.


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