Architectural CAD Drafting Services: Designing for Disabled

It’s a social, moral and in many countries a statutory obligation for the Architectural CAD drafting services to make the buildings and facilities accessible so that the disabled persons may use them without any difficulty. We continue our last week’s discussion about the design parameters and considerations for accessible corridors.


No obstacles should protrude into the circulation path of a corridor. Objects like drinking fountains or public telephones etc must be placed in alcoves or cul-de-sacs so that they present no hazard for the disabled persons.

Similarly, overhanging signs and obstacles should present no hazards for the persons with disabilities and Architectural CAD drafting services should care to mount them at a minimum height of 2.00 meters.

More considerations:

Ramps should be provided wherever the level difference in the surfaces is more than 13mm.

Floor surfaces should be non-slippery and even as much as possible. Whenever carpets are provided, they should be securely fastened.

Narrow corridors should be widened along the full length if possible. Where it’s not exam station possible, passing areas should be located at appropriate intervals.

Disabled persons can live a normal life and contribute towards society’s progress if they are given an enabling environment. Providing accessible buildings and facilities is an important part of the enabling process and this is where the Architectural CAD drafting services can play a vital role. We shall continue this discussion in our future posts also.


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